Full of Features

We’ve worked closely with the designers to perfect every last detail, from clever seat cushions to smart technological touches. All to give you the ultimate in comfort for an effortless journey.

LED reading lamp

#SinceYouAsked, "Will I have a reading light?"

Bien sur. A trusty LED lamp will be there to cast new light on that classic Dickens or Dumas, guiding you along the dark and twisting pathway towards the tense final chapter.

Luggage racks in every coach

#SinceYouAsked, " Will there be enough room for my luggage?"

Bien sur. Our mighty new luggage racks are unperturbed by your love for cross-Channel shopping.

Clever seat cushions to relax in comfort

#SinceYouAsked, "Can I put my seat back?"

Locked in a long battle of wits, fighting tête-á-tête with the person behind over a tiny bit of extra space - we've all been there. But our reclining seat is different. A truce is called: relax into our forward sliding seat cushions.

Ingenious tables

Are there tables I can work at?

There's plenty room for your picnic and your presentation/lunch and laptop on our new tables. Dependable and extendable, they neatly tuck away when needed.

The cup holder

And since you didn’t ask…

So often overlooked. But a vital cog in the machine that is the early morning journey. Cradling that crack of dawn kick-starter, nursing that delightful moment of tranquillité. Give our new cup holders a whirl.

The coat hook

And since you didn’t ask…

The noble coat hook: unsung hero of the business trip, protecting you from l’horreur of a creased jacket. #SinceYouAsked

Fresh and bright toilets

Automatic doors

#SinceYouAsked: "Is it easier to move between the coaches?"

Absolutely. No more running the gauntlet, trying not to spill that espresso. A valiant aide is here to clear your path: the automatic door.

UK and continental power sockets + USB ports

Automatic doors

Our touch-free glass doors open automatically – perfect for when you’re carrying luggage or a glass of bubbly from the bar buffet.

Your own private train ride

Our seats are specially designed to make you feel like you're in your own cocoon-like space.

Tables with a twist

With their ingenious new sliding panels, you can give yourself a little extra room without clearing everything away.

Our sleek new bar buffet, Café Métropole