Our new onboard entertainment

Stream a Hollywood hit or a great British box set straight to your phone, tablet or laptop, for free.

Films, TV, news and more

With our new, free onboard entertainment, you’ll never be bored on board again. From films and TV to documentaries, games and a special Kids' Zone, there’s something for everyone. And it’s all streamed straight to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Connecting to our entertainment

To watch and play on your phone or tablet, download the Eurostar app for iOS or Android. Then you’re just a swipe and tap from great films, TV, games and more. If you’re using a laptop, just connect to our onboard wi-fi and open a browser window.

How to connect to onboard entertainment

Once you’re on the train, you’ll be able to connect to wi-fi and a great range of entertainment, including TV programmes, movies, news and more.

Here’s how:

1. Go to your wi-fi settings.

2. Choose EurostarTrainsWiFi.

3. A form will pop up. Just fill it in and click Submit.

4. Click Connect on the next page and you’re online.

5. If you’re on a mobile or Android device, open the Eurostar app to find all of our TV programmes, movies, games and more. If you’re on a laptop or iPad, just go to onboard.eurostar.com.

If the registration or Connect page doesn’t pop up automatically, just go to register.onboard.eurostar.com in your web browser.

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fabulous films

From comedy classics you can quote every line of, to award-winning drama and timeless romance, there’s something for everyone to sit back and enjoy.

top notch tv

Catch up on everything from quick-witted drama to cult British comedy, or discover a few new favourites along the way.

keep the kids sweet

We’ve got all you need to keep little ones happy once I-Spy’s been exhausted.

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Tv cover 9a6739de710ca77ec25c8c0b08dce7fb66aae47e30e642ccc4a6cc470ff4552a


From Postman Pat and Noddy to Voltron Force and Dragons, there’s something for all ages thanks to Ketchup TV.

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Watch a children’s classic or sit back with a comedy that mum and dad can enjoy too.

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Peppa cover 3985bfd72ae24ce0c07ca04342cc5d631325e601edfced8387995b1bce4a964f

Peppa Pig

Join Peppa and her friends for adventures, outings and lots of fun.

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Games cover ba6bdb259247ce621ad97713fada57189355aeedef603a214d97682d8f587311


Steer Bunny through the forest in Hop, Don’t Stop, help Squirrel find lunch in Nut Rush or track down all the words with Pretty Puzzle Princess.

Fun and Games

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If you love playing games on the go, try your hand at The Treasures of Montezuma 3, put your knife skills to the test in the super-fast Sushi Slicer or just keep the grey cells ticking over with a spot of sudoku.


Explore the secrets of the deep

Use your smartphone to join us on a virtual reality adventure to the bottom of the Channel.

Discover more

Documentary Heaven

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Explore the globe from the comfort of your seat with Planet Knowledge documentaries on the natural world, science and technology, history, culture and – of course – travel.


LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that combines industry-leading content from Lynda.com with highly-personalized course recommendations from LinkedIn’s professional network of more than 500 million members.

…and much more

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News cover e4df7e8583d5d7814d46af25a444d42e1ee8d8645e4349fa636327c4766848d4


Catch up on all the latest headlines from across Europe and the world, as well as business bulletins and cultural news.

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Weather cover 15fa126c23128d5d7715b14c8117acacf23a83b1ac921debb2fb5a6c284438bc


See what the weather has in store for the week ahead in our top destinations.

Moving map Map thumb a81302cb8e483d453a13e94efb6e7562c536be2cf75a5c854a58c934d0bc7866
Map cover 47819e1aaae23074eeeb35bb15aa0614326453c3e17fda1a373c3ee133a66f9d

Moving Map

See where we are as we speed from city to city through some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside.

Magazines Magazine thumb 18448c7752bd46e6d252af788bdc6e65faebbc2127f2e337d19b62f1565408fc
Magazine cover 6db153f919310a4593e4785a69fcd773a9125bbbec6ab408e7ae94bb56a8da73


Unwind after a long day or get in the holiday mood with a flick through our selection of online magazines.

enjoy in english or brush up your français

Our free onboard entertainment is currently available in French and English on new and refurbished trains travelling between London and Paris.

have your say

To keep our entertainment up to scratch, we want to hear from you. If you travel on one of our new or refurbished trains, look out for a feedback email afterwards or go to our Contact page, then tell us what you thought.

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